Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jan Imhoff, managing director of Auroville Wind System

A house by the sea that uses wind energy TOI, 17 Apr 2008, 0209 hrs IST, Priya M Menon, TNN

While turbines may be attractive for people with huge electricity bills, families with electricity bills under Rs 2,000 may not find it feasible as it costs Rs 1,50,000 to install a 1 KW wind turbine. So Dinesh is targeting schools and colleges, as they need to power many fans and lights. He has turbines of various capacities – 300W that costs Rs 51,714, 5KW priced at Rs 8 lakh and 20KW turbines that cost Rs 16 lakh.

"But finally, it is about feeling good. When you see and smell the pollution in a large city, you can feel good knowing you are contributing to improve the environment, says Jan Imhoff, managing director of Auroville Wind System, which manufactures wind battery chargers.

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