Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The discourse regime of the (pseudo)enlightenment industry?

Re: Untold Potentialities: India and the Third World. by Richard Hartz (4)
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Science, Culture and Integral Yoga
DB wrote: The scrupulous avoidance of stereotypical usage of words through at least two means: (1) to keep one's language expression within the limits of one's experience; and (2) to handle language creatively - is mandatory to prevent the easy slippage into the "integral religion" of "conscious evolution." In this regard, Sri Aurobindo himself gives us the best example. Further, he coins a completely different dictionary for his own use in the Record of Yoga. DB.... Permanent Link
regards the Record, I have heard various tales from senior sadhaks in the Ashram, that it was not the intention of Sri Aurobindo to publish his personal diary or what we call the Record of Yoga.
  • First is that an assertion which can be verified?
  • and next if true, is the fact that it was not published by either Sri Aurobindo or the Mother because they wished to resists its slippage into the discourse regime of the (pseudo)enlightenment industry?
  • or even mis-interpreted by the aspiring sadhak or sadhika?
  • or did he just wish for these to simply function as his own personal notes and reflections?

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