Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Buddha and his whole lineage, have declared that the world is incorrigible

The following quotation is a remarkable description of the paradoxes at the heart of Reality and especially that the practitioner of the integral yoga is bound to encounter. In particular, Mother talks about how the Buddha’s teaching fits into the integral yoga here:
...This is where the sharp split in the spiritual thought or spiritual will of mankind lies. The point doesn’t seem to have been well understood.
Some, like Buddha and his whole lineage, have declared that the world is incorrigible and the only thing to do is to get out of it because it can never change -– it changes, but really remains the same. The result is an attitude of perfect acceptance. And the goal is to get out, that is, to escape the world as it is.
Then there are the others, who sense that mankind is striving toward a progressively realized perfection. I see more and more that the two movements complement each other, and not only complement each other, but are almost indispensable to each other...
And finally, a prayer from the Mother with which Luc Venet appropriately concludes the Notebook on Evolution:
My old mantra keeps the outer being very quiet: OM, Namo, Bhagavateh. Three words which to me mean:
OM: I implore the Supreme Lord.Namo: I obey Him. Bhagavateh: Make me divine.
Nothing is impossible.
Amen, Mother. May we be receptive to you always. Posted by ned on August 6, 2007. Filed under Aphorisms, Contemplations, Inspiration, Integral Philosophy, Sadhana.

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