Thursday, October 19, 2006

Auroville journals & newsletters

Auroville Today is a monthly English-language publication providing in-depth information on Auroville. Since 1988 it has regularly appeared, highlighting Auroville's development in areas such as education, spirituality, village development, afforestation, business, health care, culture, the economy and more, through articles, interviews, profiles, photographs and cartoons.
Sri Aurobindo International Institute for Educational Research [SAIIER], Auroville has launched a new bi-annual journal RITAM in August 2003 on material and spiritual researches in Auroville.
Invocation is a quarterly magazine published by SAVITRI BHAVAN in Auroville. It gives study materials on Sri Aurobindo's revelatory epic Savitri, and news of the activities of the Bhavan. It is distributed free of charge to donors and well-wishers. Contact:
Matrimandir Journal quarterly publication looks at the deeper meaning of the Centre of Auroville - the area called Peace. It is around this conscious and dynamically peaceful centre that the City of Auroville must build itself. The Matrimandir Journal looks at various remarks of the Mother regarding the Matrimandir and attempts to explore the inward psychological and spiritual significance of each of the elements that compose the centre. Contact:

La Revue d'Auroville, a quaterly review in French reporting on various ideas and developments in Auroville, while also concentrating on the essential qualities of the French and Indian cultures, as well as on activities pertaining to the emergence of the French Pavilion in Auroville's International Zone.

News & Notes is a weekly news bulletin primarily meant for internal circulation. Its language is mainly English, but reports and announcements may also appear in Tamil, French or German. The paper informs the residents of Auroville regarding meetings held or to be held, current community developments, new policy decisions, work proposals and other actual or inspirational information.
Matrimandir Newsletter is a quarterly publication which updates on the continuing progress of the works inside and outside the Matrimandir, from the Inner Chamber, to the Heliostat, to thhe Disks, to the Petals, to the Gardens, to the Lake.
Auroville Outreach newsletter is a single-sheet publication, which has been issued quarterly since August 1999. The publication informs about Auroville's manifold activities and achievements in various work areas, and is sent free to embassies & consulates, government officials, NGOs, AVI Centres, donor agencies and individuals, and various friends of Auroville.
Land Fund Newsletter seeks to contribute the growing momentum to obtain the remaining lands for Auroville. We hope it will serve as a regular source of information inspiring Aurovilians, friends of Auroville and all those who are connected with Auroville's vision to support us in this urgent task.
Village Action Newsletter is the monthly report about the efforts of AVAG to bridge the gap between Auroville and the villages around it. Auroville Village Action Group (AVAG) is Auroville's village outreach wing.
Kuyil is the newsletter of the Auroville Health Centre. It contains articles on the various
activities of the Health Centre and write-ups relating to experiences of the staff working in the villages around the township. Kuyil has been published three to four times a year since 1995. From now on it will appear on this website with print-outs posted on request to those without access to the web.
Annapurna Times, an occasional newsletter reporting on genetic conservation, crop breeding, land reclamation, ecological accounting research, community life and other latest development of the Annapurna Farm in Auroville.
Farm Group Newsletter gives informations about the farms in Auroville.
Pavilion of Tibetan Culture Newsletter. The bi-annually appearing newsletter covers the latest developments in the construction of the Pavilion as well as performances and other events taking place on the site. Occasionally it also gives statements or communications from the patron of the Pavilion, H.H. the Dalai Lama.
Besides the above publications, there exists variety of brochures and small leaflets on various topics, which you can obtain via the AVI centre in your country, or in the Visitors' Centre of Auroville. Disclaimer: the web editor takes no responsibility for opinions expressed in these publications, which are not always necessarily shared by the community at large.

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