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Shobha Mitra had learnt music from Dilip Kumar Roy and Sahana Devi

Dear Friends, On Wednesday, 31 July 2019, the Aurobindonian community lost a great music maestro and a creative genius with the passing away of Shobha Mitra at the age of eighty-five. She belonged to the rare class of composers who believed in the philosophy of ‘Art for the sake of "Divine"’ instead of ‘Art for Art’s sake’. She had learnt music from the likes of Dilip Kumar Roy and Sahana Devi and had kept the glorious legacy of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Music alive with her soul-touching compositions.

An obituary of Shobha Mitra has been published in the website of Overman Foundation along with some of her photographs. To read the obituary kindly click on the following link:
@Auro_Mere @integralyog #sriaurobindo

International Conference to be held in Pondicherry
Topic: “Spiritual Perspectives on Creating a Conscious Humanity”
Dates: 18-20 October 2019
Venue: Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry
For full details about the conference, please visit the link below.

Pondy Lit Fest (Sept 27-29)
60 speakers. 40 conversations. Swapan Dasgupta | Baijayant Panda | Pavan Varma | Anirban Ganguly| Tavleen Singh| Sanjeev Sanyal | Deep Halder | Gautam Chintamani | Vikram Sampath | Meenakshi Jain | Aashish Chandorkar | Aravindan Neelakandan | #PLF19
Pondy Lit Fest (Sept 27-29)
Celebrating Sri Aurobindo's idea of 'Bharat Shakti'.
Inaugural address Smt Smriti Irani
Bridging Kamakhya & Kanyakumari Shri Himanta Biswa Sarma
In conversation:
Shri Arif Mohammed Khan
Shri Prasoon Joshi
Shri Malini Awasthi
Shri Samir Saran
Pondy Lit Fest (Sept 27-29)
Scintillating conversations, elevating music. Join us to create an alternative to all other lit fests. Entry is free. Registrations will open soon. #PLF19

Pondicherry Literature Festival (Sept 27-29)
Pradeep Bhandari @pradip103 will be there to tell the audience how he gets his sums right. #PLF19
Celebrating Sri Aurobindo's #BharatShakti
Celebrating #YoungIndia and its youth.

Suffering is often a catalyst. More & more humans are suffering during this Time of Transition as this new Supramental consciousness, to quote Sri Aurobindo, anchors itself, bringing up all that doesn't align with Truth. All that we've not looked at, we've avoided, our shadows...

Sandeep Balakrishna @dharmadispatch speaking at Sri Aurobindo Society. Fantastic topic!
"Luminaries of Modern Indian Renaissance." @SrijanFn see what a good topic and by worthy scholar/ speaker
Sandeep Balakrishna @dharmadispatch  speaking at Sri Aurobindo Society about some of the luminaries of Modern Indian Renaissance. August 10, 2019.
Full report with more pictures and summary of his talk coming soon....

Beautiful flower arrangements created by Unmesa participants  today. They also learned a few things about what we can learn from flowers, how being sensitive to flowers and nature helps us grow in consciousness, and some Sanskrit words for flowers.

Excerpts of the interaction:
"Teachings of Aurobindo and Krishnamacharya have had a deep influence on me especially in pursuit of understanding the true essence and meaning of Yoga."

People who despise Gandhi are the ones who never seriously read him. I used to hate him too. And yes there are aspects of his life and ideology which do not apply in realpolitik, but still his philosophy is as astounding as that of Sri Aurobindo or Swami Vivekananda.

You are very very wrong. RSS is the father of BJP and that was created by Hegdewar under influence of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay and a lot of guidance of Rishi Aurobindo.
While Congress was a purely British party.
You prove how erasing history has helped them. Find out first.

A supreme manifesting godhead is quite Abrahmic description. Vedas are subtle they take no firm stand. But for intellectual knowledge i will say all Vedic gods are parts of higher divine element.

What was special about Sethna, Gokak, Iyengar, Pandit n Madhusudan Reddy? Their originality n their language under the influence of Sri Aurobindo.
The standard of the leading Ashram journals has gone down miserably, partly because the geniuses have left or too old, partly  due to d "frog in the well vision" n chiefly due to the promotion  of the underqualified to block talented young writers. Ego again!!!
If I stayed in Pondicherry I would spend my days n nights with RY Deshpande. He is always creating with passion like a young man, be it on the Mind of Light or the sonnet like passages in Savitri. Blessed to be his student !
A man from Physics, RY Deshpande later learnt the finer nuances, technicalities n the soul of poetry. Today he is a living encyclopaedia of Savitri ! Amazing wholetimer on Sri Aurobindo! It will be wise for all to collect the "gold" from him.

You make a fair point that there are various versions. But I draw the line where one version starts distorting core aspects of Hinduism and denigrates Hindus. He crossed that line long ago. While I acknowledge the merit of your argument, my opinion of him remains...

Fair. You have all freedom to have your own opinion. And in my limited experience, I have not come across anything 'denigrating' Hinduism in his writing / talks until now.

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