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Nobody has been to the Premodern India

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Having limited Mahatma Gandhi to sanitation, Modi is ignoring & will never propagate  his central message: NON-VIOLENCE or TRUTH. via @ThePrintIndia

Goa, Goan, Gone? There Is A Lakshman Rekha In Politics, And BJP Just Breached It With Impunity via @swarajyamag Supporters of Moitra, supposedly senior editors & academics, resorted to diversionary tactics, hypocrisy & chicanery. Instead of engaging with the charge, they chose to bully, pan, discredit, troll, undermine and scam those who had raised it.
An author's absolution does not, like a papal bull, wash away the ‘sin’ of plagiarism. It is not the author’s word for or against such an allegation that should count, but the actual evidence. This article examines precisely that, in a systematic, detailed & fair treatment.

Holding that State must be kept out of education is easier part. Whether community or corporate are capable of designing curriculum needs to be pondered over. Current concept of education based on European modernity has run its course. Brick and mortar must give way to informal.
No one has experienced whole of life and consequently all portrayals of it are inchoate. Stretches of long years may be eventful but in terms of understanding reality of life can be a desert. Spectrum is merely a certain conception or visible aberration of light; not light itself.

As the intellectual fountainhead of the ideology of Hindutva, V D Savarkar is undoubtedly one of the most contentious political thinkers and leaders of the twentieth century. Proud to announce my new book #Savarkar: Echoes from the Past! 
Preorder here:

52) Hymns 334 - 341 (Verses 3,479 - 3,541): Description of Rig-Veda, Mandala 04, Sukta 038 to 045 (including hymns addressed to Dadhikravan); with #SriAurobindo's words on the birth and ascent of Agni

Save the heritage. A house that was home to #Uttarpara Raja's along with Sri Aurobindo, Michael Madhusudhan, #Vidyasagar. #Netaji, Prafulla Sen, Master Surya Sen, Bankim Chandra, Sarat Chandra, Rabindranath Tagore, Crown Prince of Thailand Prisdang, Maa Sarada @MamataOfficial

As I sometimes remind people - Nobody has been to the India that I study. Premodern India is a foreign and completely inaccessible place to physically visit, for everyone in the 21st century.

Historians analyze the past. We lovingly joke that we leave bad predictions about the future to our colleagues in political science.
In all seriousness, I can tell you this based on history: Things can get bad. And things can change, sometimes rather quickly.

Integrity. Honesty. History.
Also, unlike a lot of Hindutva fanatics, I am not ashamed of premodern India. Ancient India boasts a lot of history of which folks might be proud, just not according to the standards of modern science and Islamophobia. #India #history

Accusing someone of showing the Dunning-Kruger effect makes a lot of people feel clever, but they don't realize that in order to accuse someone of that requires the accuser to be affected by the Dunning Kruger effect himself. IOW a circular argument

Despite Mr. Pinker, Nietzsche's figure of the tightrope-walker over an abyss in his *Zarathustra* is very relevant here. The abyss is his forecast of "two centuries of nihilism", which we call now "chaotic transition" or "New Normal". The climate crisis is an aspect of that.

We’ve all grown up watching the perfect, always righteous Disney princesses.

The timidity of imagination, the incompetence of execution, the mortal fear of failure, the bowing before the enemy before the first shot was fired, winning as an end, and an overbearing, crushingly desperate and embarrassingly obvious Mahatma-complex. Anything else? 🙂

One of the root cause of the unhappiness in many Indians is that we can't pursue any profession where our talent lies due to archic education system & family pressure. As a result many struggle monetarily in a profession which they never liked from the beginning.
Until we create enough incentives for respective talents our human resources will continue to waste. Current education statement is good for desk jobs and those will be taken by machines soon. Traits like Creativity, entrepreneurship must be encouraged...
otherwise we're looking towards a dark future no matter how many elections you continue to win.

Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam, world renowned performing artist & research scholar, delivered a special lecture on "Role of India's Soft Power in the Indian Ocean Region" as part of CSP’s academic partnership in the Peninsula Foundation's conference on India and the Indian Ocean Region.
"So much of what is presented as dance in Southeast Asia is very close to India. 85% of Southeast Asian languages have roots in Sanskrit. To this effect, there are 10,000 inscriptions that are traceable."

@sagarikaghose, @Nidhi,@BDUTT of @ndtv & @IndiaToday can sharpen their fringe skills by getting trained under @nelsonvijay08 & Sujitha of this Tamil TV. My today's quota on this TV is over, every day one tweet about this TV. @SaffronDalit,@rkmuthwho,@autovimal1,@Kishoreciyer1

Genetic analysis of ancient cattle remains show that Middle Eastern cattle stock suddenly saw a large infusion of Indian zebu bulls around 4000 years ago. Interestingly this coincides with widespread desertification and the decline of Harappan cities.
It is also interesting that, a few centuries later, we have evidence of Mitanni migrations into northern Iraq from the east. This group not only worshipped Vedic gods but also brought with them Indian iron technology

Around 4000 years ago, a dramatic change occurred in the Middle East - a rapid, widespread, wholesale influx of Indian Zebu cattle from the Indus Valley - which soon reached Europe.
Did the Indian cattle invade the West of their own accord? #AIT

You need do no further than analyze the Puranic lists & to cross check them with Rig Vedic evidence to realize what dynasty the burial belongs to. It could very well be Kaurava or N Pancala.

Marxist-Muellerians are such disgraceful beings, lacking any capacity for reform & honesty even in utter defeat.
A 'historian' Ruchika Sharma in JNU screams, “Why is ASI calling it a chariot! It's only a bullock cart! ASI is wearing the lens of Hindutva!"

Genetic & archaeological studies are under way.
Exciting times!

Many Hindus are confused.... Article 25  of Indian Constitution gives rights to propagate religion to minority communities. OK agree. but it does not give them right to do FRAUD, money, coercion, threat, lure or Fear based conversions ! We also have right to defend our Dharma

Decade long sexual exploitation of orphans in madrassa cum orphanage in TG state Aswaraopet. Father-son duo sexually exploit same set of minors. Initially funded by your tax money, later discontinued. Orphans of all religions brought here from all over the state. This area /2

Attended a very articulate talk on Menstruation across cultures by Shri Nithin Shridhar at Ramakrishna College for women, Coimbatore. Very important for young girls of an impressionable age to hear the right narratives and perspectives delivered in language they can understand.

Patriots, gear up for the launch of #SaraswatiUntold ,
A Vedic & Scientific agglomeration that’ll bowl over all Colonial claims of calling Her a myth!
Reserve the 28th of July 2019, for huge surprises!

One must understand that UN sees muslim countries as their potential petrol_capital and they are monitored by Vetican Churches. Isa_Musa are brothers though rivals too. Hindus are oldest and best/toughest civilization and thus are envied by barbarians Crusaders/muslims. #VainUN.

The culprit is here. At the same time, I was wondering why don't you remember this famous "All Nature dumbly calls to her alone" line often? Telepathy?

Feel Philosophy: Sense of participatory citizenship is priceless @NathTusar, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF), Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014 #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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