Thursday, March 08, 2012

He stood ten feet above us

Although he stood ten feet above us, each foot a sky, he yet attended to every detail of this life of ours, eternity taking care of each and every moment of time, each ray kindling a spark in each grain, in each particle of dust. Comment posted by RY Deshpande Re: Two Poems by Arjava with Sri Aurobindo’s Comments Mar 7, 2012 08:23 PM

Besides, we may say that individual sadhana is not the only purpose in the Ashram. The collective sadhana is equally important and this imposes many responsibilities on the management which they have to discharge with great care and equity. Removing members from their work spots on relatively flimsy grounds does not seem to meet the requirements expected of the trustees... But if problems are to be solved internally, without external intervention, a sincere dialogue seems to be the only way. January 24, 2012 Ranganath Raghavan 12:23 PM

The point of this declaration is not to issue a personal endorsement of the trustees as individuals. It does not even matter who the five trustees happen to be. Rather this is an initiative that expresses faith in the constitutional structure and processes enshrined in the Trust Deed, the Mother's document. It is therefore an initiative in support of the high ideals, the very idea, the sheer reality, of Sri Aurobindo Ashram itself. We must not and will not see the fabric that holds our organization together ripped apart. And by the same token, those making the point that they are only attacking the trustees and not the Ashram itself and that their actions are for the good of the institution are deluding themselves and playing a dangerous game. There are vested interests attempting to create the impression that a majority of Ashramites are sympathetic to those filing lawsuits against the Trust, but nothing could be further from the truth. We will not allow this false and dangerous notion to gain further ground. This is the time to stand firm, stand together in the face of this assault on the core values of our Ashram, to lend our voices in support of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's institution and its appointed representatives against the forces that are out to destabilize our community.

from:  Narayan T Rao date: 6 March 2012 22:16 subject: reply to Shri Ranganath's response to the Declaration 12:33 PM 6:37 PM 7:45 PM 8:41 PM 9:48 PM 
How many Ashrams have we imagined where the inmates, some unmarried, especially women, expose their lower bottom on the body by wearing shorts and go out on the streets, even to the markets? How many traditional Indian ashrams serve non-vegetarian food to their inmates? This is a reality in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and a big attack by some fundamental groups who are plotting a planned and systematic attack to the very essence and existence of its survival. This is the nature of attack…
Anybody, following the words of our Gurus is doing Their work, be it a coolie in a railway station, or an inmate working in a department of Ashram or an individual trustee working for the Ashram Trust Board. The aim of the individual determines the direction one takes in life… You say that the number is big and they are highly dissatisfied with the management… If numbers and figures determine the views of the inmates, then we should be having trustees who are Oriyas only, and not from any other state, I think... Manas 

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