Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dilip Dutta lodged complaint with the police

Tension at Ashram Puducherry, Monday, Feb 27 2012 webindia123.com
Tension prevailed as inmates of the Aurobindo Ashram here continued to be on dharna for the second day today demanding the American-born Ashram inmate Peter Heehs, who wrote a book on Sri Aurobindo, be removed from the Ashram. The agitating inmates maintained the the book contained objectionable matters depicting distorted facts about the life and character of Sri Aurobindo. The agitation took an ugly turn today when a few agitators tried to prevent one of the seniormost members from entering his office and tried to snatch away files from his possession. However, police posted near the dharna venue prevented a scuffle between them.
Meanwhile, Dilip Dutta, a senior member, lodged complaint with the police that the protesters prevented him from entering his office and tried to snatch away files, which was denied by the protesters. The controversy over the book- 'The Lives of Sri Aurobindo' written by Peter Heehs has been-- had been raging for a while now, particularly after the group opposed to the book launched a series of protests in January demanding expulsion of Mr Heehs and resignation of members of Trust for not condemning the book openly. The group launched a three-day protest on Sunday with a large number of them coming from Orissa. UNI PAB GM 2042 NNNN -- (UNI) -- 27ms67.xml

A critique of the book "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" by Peter Heehs - Video Report of Dilip Datta's Violence against Devotees in Silent Protest - We have received a video report of the events of 27th February 2012 in which Dilip Datta, trustee of the Ashram Trust, misbehaved with devotees in Silent P...

Study Camp on ‘Mind–Body Medicine and Beyond’ 16–23 June 2012, Nainital Centre (Van Nivas)
Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Delhi Branch will organize the 5th Study Camp on ‘Mind–Body Medicine and Beyond’ for doctors, medical students and other health professionals at its Nainital Centre (Van Nivas) from 16–23 June 2012. The camp, consisting of lectures, practice, and participatory and experiential sessions, will help the participants get better, feel better, and bring elements of mind–body medicine into their practice. The camp will be conducted by Prof. Ramesh Bijlani, M.D., former Professor, AIIMS, founder of a mind–body medicine clinic at AIIMS, and the author of Back to Health through Yoga and Essays on Yoga. For more details, send an e–mail to the Ashram (aurobindo@vsnl.com) or to Dr. Bijlani (rambij@gmail.com). Auromira Yoga - The Nones: a Growing Non-tribe - *The articles and dogmas of a religion are mind-made things and, if you cling to them and shut yourself up in a code of life made out for you, you do not...

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