Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Seeing every work as the Mother’s work

I am leaving Orissa in a few hours, and by the evening expect to be in Pondicherry, where Aurobindo - who started off as a "terrorist" - took refuge and spent the rest of his life in metaphysical speculations. I have some lectures scheduled in the Roshni Nilaya School of Social Work, Mangalore, a Christian institution where I have taught many times before, and I guess I will make my way across to the West Coast again.
Im angry at god: D Sivakarthikeyan
Also, I visit Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry occasionally. I love that place for its serenity and peacefulness. My life has never been a bed of roses. Whatever I’m today is because of my hard work. When I lost my dad I thought of ending my life, ...
Sometimes the most important work is done silently in the background by some and all these are highly interconnected forces that bring about the "golden change" (From Savitri). Such is the power of consciousness. We reap the harvest of the work done for the creation. Divine chooses each one in his own way to do the work, a simple doodle or a quibble can also have an immense power or it can release right positive energy if it has the right aspiration to connect with the source of an all-ascending prayer of transcendence: […]
Re: The Death of Democracy and Human Rights in India Joy Roy Choudhury Jun 15, 2011 Dear All, Again the key to all these issues I think is Evolution of Consciousness. India is evolving at her own pace and to eventually eradicate corruption and poverty, it will take time. But one can be hopeful that all this will be done by the grace of the Divine Mother.
Its the same Divine Will that created this wonderful land will take its wheel forward to the next level. We humans can play a big part to make it happen by bringing about the change and transformation first within ourselves. We must admit here that there are faceless hidden
forces that sought to govern the earth, these forces which we don't see or apprehend are there as mechanisms that fail, they are the present system of politics, democracy, judiciary, financial institutions etc. They fail at their present renderings because they are bereft of the Truth Consciousness. 
Man in his present state is still very much a mental human being so he can be easily governed by these nameless, faceless forces of falsehood or ignorance and death.
Often, it was said during the Jacobean period that Man in Trying to be Something More than Man Ends up in Becoming Less than Man, this can happen and looking back at history or even today we know this is true because then his evolutionary forces are not directed towards the Existence, Consciousness and Bliss (Sat-Chit-Ananda) but towards the satisfaction of the Lower Nature.
Man has to understand first his position in the Great Chain of Beings and then rightly assess the situation and proceed towards the Summit of the Forces, towards the Light and towards Love Consciousness and Knowledge. All these better said than done. Avatars have come, and so His Bibhutis and also Maha Rishis and Gurus - we have moved on from one-celled organism to a super ape using android and iphones and what nots. But if we are conscious, then we can make a difference to this whole process of evolution.
Jai Ma: Srimanka Seva — Pashupati Bhattacharya
Publisher: Madanlal Poddar, Pondicherry - Oriya translation of Jai Ma: On the Mother's Service
Reproduced from a chapter in On the Mother Divine by Pashupati, this small booklet addresses the right attitude to be taken towards work as part of one’s sadhana. It urges the reader to begin seeing every work as the Mother’s work, to be carried out with a constant remembrance of her, and to abandon the notion of personal gain and egocentric success. Work done in the right spirit, in whatever field of endeavour, can bring about a change of consciousness and draw one nearer to the Divine. 
The caste systems as we find today is of course of a deviated and deformed version of the original Caturvarna system. Sri Aurobindo examines the problem ...

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