Thursday, June 02, 2011

Acharya Abhay Dev was a great admirer of Maharshi Dayananda as well as Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo (= Sri Arvind Ghosh) wrote two essays in English on Maharshi Dayananda: (i) "Dayananda - The Man and his work" and (ii) "Dayananda and the Veda". There essays were published first time in 'Vedic Magazine' edited by Prof. Ramdev ji in two issues in the years - 1915 & 1916. Thereafter these brilliant essays of Sri Aurobindo got published in so many other magazines and also translated in to other regional languages including Hindi. These are published from Pondicherry in a book vide "Swami Dayananda" and "Bankim-Tilak-Dayananda". Sarvadeshik Sabha of Arya Samaj also published these books. The contents of these essays have been quoted in numerous books written on Swami Dayananda and his interpretation of the Vedas.
The Hindi translation of these essays is also done by more than one scholars. Sri Acharya Abhay Dev ji was a great Vedic scholar and he used to visit and stay at Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Pondicherry when Sri Aurobindo was alive, to practice Yoga. He was a great admirer of Maharshi Dayananda as well as Sri Aurobindo. PDF of these famous essays written by Sri Aurobindo on Maharshi Dayananda (Hindi translation by Acharya Abhay Dev ji) is attached herewith. 
These essays in Hindi was published in Oct-2008 issue of Hindi monthly "Yog-sandesh" of Patanjali Yog-peeth of Swami Ramdev ji Maharaj. Our acknowledgment is due to "Yog-sandesh" and its editor also for the same. I wish these essays will be widely read, utilized and circulated among the masses by the learned readers to spread the greatness of Dayananda and the true picture of his Vedic vision. = Bhavesh Merja 

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