Monday, February 15, 2010

Offering the remedies publicly might lead to Auroville being seen as a sect

Maggi gave more information on the remedies in a further letter to the Working Committee.
“We have seen that by administering a single drop of ‘Harmony’, people are touched by The Mother in the same way as when she was alive: depressions cured, pains alleviated, comprehension widened, the sudden descent of peace and calm, and torment dispelled. Compassion, forgiveness and love take the place of resentment. Many illnesses have been cured.”
She continues, “With Samata a great stillness is established, instructions come in dreams, seeming miracles occur. Ariel Browne, a clairvoyant who didn’t know what the remedy was, saw that Harmony had a ‘transformational power’ and could ‘reposition the cells’. Katia, a French clairvoyant, also saw their evolutionary possibilities.” In a later email, Maggi stated that “Harmony and Samata are made available in the belief that peace and compassion of Mother and Sri Aurobindo may infiltrate the consciousness of the human race.”
If these were “glad tidings” to some, others found using relics of the gurus to prepare homeopathic remedies highly objectionable. The Working Committee, concerned about the image of Auroville, feared that offering the remedies publicly might lead to Auroville being seen as a sect. Others argued that the transformation of one’s consciousness does not depend on relics of the guru but only on one’s relation with the Divine. For some, the use of these remedies belongs to the old paths of adoring the masters – an outdated tradition that is
inappropriate in Auroville.
But for Sigrid, this discussion showed a misunderstanding of the very basics involved. “This is research on the frontiers of consciousness: these arguments demonstrate a lack of awareness of today’s research in homoeopathy and healing sciences. Carel January 2010 Home > Journals & Media > Journals  > Auroville Today

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