Monday, February 15, 2010

Auroville vs. 'Auro'

to the visitor
around Auroville

On the roads leading into Auroville, one encounters many  guesthouses, restaurants, massage centers, art studios, handicraft showrooms, candle shops etc, bearing 'Auro' in their respective names.

Please be aware that these are not associated with the city, and Auroville cannot be responsible for the services, products or treatments offered in these undertakings. Only when the word 'Auroville' in full is incorporated in the name of the undertaking itself (and not the address only), one may assume that, indeed, it is part of Auroville and that it is of sound quality. (from the Auroville Council) for more useful information to your visit: posted by manohar

The Journeying Years
How they came to Auroville 

For forty years people from all over the world have been attracted to Auroville, a spiritual community on the east coast of South India. In this book 33 Aurovilians describe what motivated them to leave their familiar comfortable world to come to what was then a sun-baked barren plain.  They also talk of their experiences of living in community with its hardships and joys.

Thanks to the huge efforts of these people and many others, Auroville is now a thriving community of over 2,000 people from 43 nations spread around more than a hundred settlements. May their stories inspire many more to this City of

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