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Even if it takes a thousand years Auroville will be

Mirror of Tomorrow Re: Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya (Dada) 18 October 19228 January 2010
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Pranab has been the instrument for my moving to Auroville, twenty-five years ago: he did not accept my small child to attend the Ashram kindergarten because of my relationship with Auroville. Once every two-three years I went to him, praying him to change his decision; yet over the years I learnt to recognize in Pranab the Mother’s messenger. Behind a refusal that changed two destinies, my daughter’s and my own, there was an unfathomable wisdom … When he told me, two years ago, out of the blue, “If you want to become an ashramite I will not object” I replied, bewildered, “It is too late: I can no longer quit Auroville”. […]

This is my battlefield, to be pursued with the same intensity and uncompromising straightforwardness Pranab had vis-à-vis the Ashram. […] May the Mother grant me an unflinching determination to pursue my battle for the undiluted vision of her true Auroville. Whenever I feel quitting, disheartened, hopeless, may the example of that great son of Her command me to remain at my place and pursue the battle, no matter what. Even if it takes a thousand years Auroville will be, the Mother told us: for it is decreed by the Supreme.

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