Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hee-hee – Hah-hah & Co

SAABA - NEWS LETTER No. 59 DT. 3/09/02 SAVITRI(P.4)1. Analysis–OUTLOOK– ‘Sole or Soul?’-Herlock Sholmes? 2. Lopsi - Khichudi of SAVITRI. 3. NEWS. – Ides of march 27-28/8/02; The charges framed 420, 460, 120B at Alipore.

An OUTLOOK and Analysis on OUTLOOK - From where and when this business of Tampering of Savitri began? Who were the key players in the chess-play of this slow and ominous move forward in the doom destiny of the earth-soul? Who became the instruments of the forces of darkness and Satan? Again, we are getting some hints from the infamous ‘Supplement to the New Edition of Savitri’ of Mr. Heehs and his comrades. Mr. Hee-hee – Ha-ha & Co. came out boldly for the first time in front of the reporter Mr. A. S. Paneerselvan of OUTLOOK on that fateful 15th day of the month of March, 1999: ‘…”It all depends on the Teacher and ends with his lifetime, unless there is another Teacher who can take his place (Sri Aurobindo on Ashram).” ...

Peter Heehs and Richard Hartz, who have been editing The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo, say that their attempt is “ to bring back to the letter of what Aurobindo did and wrote during his lifetime. The line which (Pranab) Bhattacharya accuses of deleting was deleted by Aurobindo himself.” ‘ SAABA states that this is a blatant lie by Hee-hee – Hah-hah & Co and is the product of their fertile imaginations. Archives and Research Litigations Press Publications Phamplates e-Books Speechs & Messages Golden Words Open Letters Lord's Birth Place Copyright About Saaba

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