Wednesday, February 13, 2008

India, in particular, is a divinely chosen country

The Mother on India
India is not the earth, rivers and mountains of this land, neither is it a collective name for the inhabitants of this country. India is a living being, as much living as, say, Shiva. India is a goddess. If she likes, she can manifest in human form.
In the whole creation the earth has a place of distinction, because unlike any other planet it is evolutionary with a psychic entity at its centre. In it, India, in particular, is a divinely chosen country.
India ought to be the spiritual leader of the world. Inside she has the capacity, but outside. ..for the moment there is still much to do for her to become actually the spiritual leader of the world. There is such a wonderful opportunity just now! but.

Sri Aurobindo (Bande mataram-I6 April1907)
Ours is the eternal land, the eternal people, the eternal religion, whose strength, greatness, holiness may be overclouded but never, even for a moment, utterly cease. The hero, the Rishi, the saint, are the natural fruits of our Indian soil; and there has been no age in which they have not been born.

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