Saturday, December 08, 2007

Barathiar’s meetings with Sister Nivedita and Sri Aurobindo

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Lecture on Subramania Barathi was part of the 40th National Library Week celebrations.
T.A. Venkateswaran The 40th National Library Week celebration had a talk on Subramania Barathi...
He further explicated that Barathiar’s idea of freedom was not just liberation from foreign rule. He was an advocate of women empowerment and was rooted in the values of ancient Indian scriptures but still was alive to the need of scientific development and cried for a happy blend of both. He was in a great hurry to take his beloved country beyond the morass of his times. Venkateswaran elaborated on Barathiar’s meetings with Sister Nivedita and Aurobindo and other great personalities. A.R.S © Copyright 2000 - 2007 The Hindu

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