Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The tool used was dreamcatching and co-creating

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 My tour update....Auroville alive: First of all, my Auroville trip.....
It was supposed to be a break from a hectic life but hardly turned out to be the same. Had a busy but awesome sched, had great (est) people for company, had the world's best place around me....Quite a heady concoction....The studio was great,,,we were working on co-creating a Health Centre for Auroville, bringing together its various alternative health therapies and allopathies under one roof...
The challenge was to come up with a design in a group and the tool used was dreamcatching and co-creating. The catch line : The outcome should be a synthesis of ideas based on the highest common factor and not the lowest common denominator. We had some really talented people working together and I had the most amazing two weeks of my life. We came up with some promising solutions very much appreciated and its really difficult for me to summarise the essence of it. I dont really want to. Being selfish about it seems nice.
I have to say something about the place we were living in. The ILC building in Auro. One of the best I've seen. Full of spaces worth every blessing I've spelt ever. Not exaggerating. Watching and feeling the space, mornings, noons, nights, the ponds, the skyscape, the invisible chimes, it was nothing short of a divine experience. I love that place. I'll consider myself an honest architect if ever a building done by me would evoke that response. I call the ILC poetry in action. The yoga sessions early morning, the wilderness walks late night, the koffee krunch icecream breaks, the heavenly bakery treats, the silent conversations.........I cant stop thinking,,,but I need to. hmmppphhhhhhh....I wanna go back, live it again. posted by navisa @ 12:02 AM Name: Navisa Jain Location: Hyderabad, AP, IN

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