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Sri Aurobindo's books in Chinese

The Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore: 
2A Starlight Road 01-07, 
Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society Building (Nearest MRT: Farrer Park), 
Singapore 217755

  3rd April 2016
8:00amMonthly Morning Walk
3rd April 2016
6:00pmReadings from AIM Magazine
  10th April 2016
6:00pmQ&A from Mother Complete works Volume 8
Followed by Om Choir
17th April 2016
6:00pmSavitri – An unending journey
24th April 2016
6:00pmDarshan Day - The Mother's final arrival in Pondicherry

Meetings are held every Sunday at 6.00pm and also on Darshan days. 
Please see our programme for further details.

walk is also held on the first Sunday of every month. 

Membership Renewal for 2016 & Subscription to AIM

For 2016, Annual Members need to pay SGD 60 as their membership subscription to the Society.

Those subscribing to the All India Magazine will need to pay an additional SGD 30 for the magazine.

Please send a cheque payable to "Sri Aurobindo Society" and post it to the Treasurer, Sanjay Mehta at the following address:

Blk 720 Tampines Street 72 #03-31 Singapore 520720. You can also physically pay it to him in cash or by passing a cheque to a committee member and letting Sanjay know, during our activities.
Chinese Books Available in the Centre

The following is a list of books available in the Centre:

Synthesis of Yoga Part 1瑜珈論1
Synthesis of Yoga Part 2 & 3瑜珈論2 & 3
The Human Cycle社會進化論
Bases of Yoga瑜伽的基礎
Isa Upanishad伊莎書
Kena Upanishad由誰書
The Mother神母道論
Letters On Yoga (1)瑜珈論 (書札集)(一)
Sayings of The Mother Vol 1母親的話(一)
Sayings of The Mother Vol 2母親的話(二)
Sayings of The Mother Vol 3母親的話(三)
Sayings of The Mother Vol 4母親的話(四)
On Education教育論
Bhagavad gita薄伽梵歌
Cloud Messenger (Meghdut)行雲使者
New Light On South Sea南海新光
Sri Aurobindo Ashram阿羅頻多事略

Sri Aurobindo's books in Chinese can be purchased from the following: 

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