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Divine Light is within all people, deeper than any division between nations or religions

Sri Aurobindo Society, Bangalore branch, is housed in a palatial building known as "Sri Aurobindo Bhavan". It is surrounded by lush green trees and a garden that compliments the bungalow. It is one of the best conserved heritage site along with a palacial building of colonial architecture. A unique ineffable experience is felt the moment one enters the portal of Sri Aurobindo Bhawan. One has to visit to feel the ambiance of the places and its uniqueness. It is located at 110, Gangadhar Chetty Road, Opp. Ulsorr Lake, Bangalore - 560042
29th February: The Golden Day - Darshan Day
  • 06.00 am : Darshan
  • 06.00 pm : Hoisting of The Mother's spiritual flag
  • 07.05 am : Reading of 'Savitri'
Bhawan timings : 8 am to 12.30 pm and 4.30 pm to 7 pm.
Office timings : 9 am to 12.30 pm and 4.30 pm to 7 pm.

This palatial bungalow with its colonial architecture was built around 1932 by the Royal family of Nepal. Princess Rajalakshmi Aishwarya Devi who was sister of the King of Nepal was the resident of this bungalow along with her husband Shamsher Singh Jung Bahadur Rana. It was gifted to Sri Aurobindo Trust in the year 1979.

There are regular ongoing programmes. Special programmes are planned like talks, study classes, 'Savitri' festival. Yoga classes are being contemplated. These special programmes shall be indicated here as and when finalized.
The bhawan also contains Sri Aurobindo's relics in one of the meditation rooms. The meditation center is open from 7am to 6pm on all days. Devotees make nice flower arrangements everyday on different themes.

Seeking the supramental light - The Hindu › Cities › Puducherry
13 hours ago - 'In the Light of the Supramental', was the name given to the next stage of higher consciousness, which Sri Aurobindo saw as humanity's spiritual destiny.

Sri Aurobindo Society Singapore - YouTube
53 mins ago - Videos and Talks from Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. For more information visit us @

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15 hours ago - The sports day of Sri Aurobindo Institute of Education was held at CK-CL Park recently. The event began by paying tribute to The Mother and Sri Aurobindoand ...

Savitri - Savitri Talks - The Book of Everlasting day - Talk 5 ...
10 hours ago - Sri Aurobindo's Savitri Savitri Talks - The Book of Everlasting day - Talk 5 (Part-1) | The Light of the Supreme.

Rabindranath Tagore in the 21st Century: Theoretical Renewals
Debashish Banerji - 2014 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
Banerji is the author of The Alternate Nation of Abanindranath Tagore (Sage, 2010) and Seven Quartets of Becoming: A Transformative Yoga Psychology Based on the Diaries of Sri Aurobindo (DKPW and Nalanda, 2012). His articles on  ...

Anthology from the Mother in Arabic: Bilingual Edition
The Mother - 2015 - ‎No preview
These are but a few glimpses of the remarkable personality referred to as the Mother. May her message of Peace, Unity, Hope and Joy find its place in the Arabic Consciousness.

The Rebirthing of God: Christianity's Struggle for New ... - Page 34
After Sri Aurobindo's death in 1950, Alfassa conceived the idea of creating a town committed to human unity, based on Sri Aurobindo's belief that the divine Light is within all people, deeper than any division between nations or religions.  ...

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8 hours ago - ... Nehru, Subhas Bose, Vivekananda, Chittaranjan Das, Sri Aurobindoand Tagore, and that this government might label Tagore an anti-national, for his ideas.

A rhapsodic celebration of life - The Telegraph
15 hours ago - In the debate on euthanasia, Sayak Das and Tuhin Sur of Sri AurobindoInstitute of Education were the winners while Tiasha Tilak of Ashok Hall was adjudged

Odia Chhabi: Nyaya anyaya
23 hours ago - If you make the effort to be interesting, constructive and convincing and can make them know something of the teaching of Sri Aurobindo, it will in any case be

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