Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tara Didi, Pranjal Jauhar, Mirambika, and Sarvodaya

The 38th day of the peaceful protest was very eventful. The protest site was cleaned up and a floral Rangoli was made on the footpath. The Indian tricolor was hoisted at the protest site in the morning and the national anthem was sung with gusto. Many Sarvodaya residents joined the event. Patriotic songs were sung and applauded. Despite much rain and humidity, dozens of Mirambika parents and children continued to remain on the site after the flag hoisting and their numbers peaked to over 40 by 8 pm.

Through the day Sri Aurobindo’s followers kept trickling into the Ashram to to celebrate his birthday with offerings at the Samadhi, prayers and meditation. As the protesters sang ‘we shall overcome’, ‘saaray jahaan say achcha Mirambika hamara’, ‘hum dekhenge and other songs, the curious ones stopped to talk to the protesters. Some pamphlets about the Save Mirambika campaign were distributed to these followers. Many shared personal experiences and wished the campaign well. Earlier, Pranjal Jauhar sent out a respected Mirambika Diya / teacher to tell the parents not to distribute pamphlets on the road outside Gate No. 6. His demand was ignored. An agitated Tara Didi was seen talking to the Ashram guards and gesturing toward the singing protesters.

Even as all these activities were going on, Mirambika children present quietly engaged in art and craft activities, decorated the tents and the footpath. Every one got water, tea, snacks and sweets. Wax lamps were lit in the evening to make yet another Rangoli. Light to heavy intermittent rains could not dampen the Mirambikan spirit on this wonderful day!

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