Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Anil Kumar Jauhar did not compromise on living out the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

The Society is missing the leadership of Late Shri Anil Kumar Jauhar as its present leadership pushes it into a self destruct mode. While he was alive, no one dared to propose stupid engineering college type of plans. He did not compromise on living out the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. He did not compromise on means for ends. He even approached the courts for enforcing his property rights. One can check out:

Delhi High Court: Anil Kumar Jauhar And Anr. vs Atlas Cycle Industries on 3 March, 1989
Equivalent citations: 38 (1989) DLT 233, 1989 (17) DRJ 83

During his tenure, the allotment of 9.84 acres of land was procured by the Society for Mirambika and related activities. He preserved this allotment through legal action and built Mirambika a home blessed by the Mother. His nephew PJ is doing exactly the opposite. His insistence on having an engineering college in place of Mirambika has got DDA to serve a Show Cause Notice on the Society. If he carries on down the same line and does not let Mirambika re-inhabit its home, the Society is bound to lose the 9.84 acres of land due to misuse for engineering college. If the Society takes DDA to court, PJ’s lawyers alone would become richer and neither the land nor the building upon it would be open for use for at least a decade if not more. Mirambika parents and local residents will join that fight against the engineering college.

Hope the Mother – who blessed PJ as a child – guides him to a grander vision than depriving 170+ children, diyas & volunteers of their ecosystem for free progress integral education to make way for a shaky engineering college on false & hollow foundations.

YIKES July 21, 2015 / 11:38 pm
It isn’t even about what they’re doing. It’s about HOW they are going about their antics. They are destroying every ideal that the Ashram strives for. Used to strive towards. They are mishandling the trust and power that has been invested in them. Pranjal truly believes the entire show is his. And his alone. Who will talk sense and facts into the man? Lest he destroys everything he touches, and before he regrets it, before it’s too late for him.

Once again The MAMA goes out to interview four teenagers and a teacher that state their thoughts on Future Schools approach on clothing. 
Each individual gave their opinion about this new concept. 
They mention that it is more of an approach than a code which some of the students agreed to, and others thought it was their decision to dress the way they felt like.

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