Friday, May 29, 2015

Immersive theatre experience

The Aurobindo Project

Wollongong Town Hall, Crown Street, Wollongong
Thursday 16 July 2015 – Saturday 18 July 2015 7:30pm

The Aurobindo Project is an immersive theatre experience inspired by the devotional poetry of Sri Aurobindo: an Indian nationalist, philosopher, yogi, guru and poet.
Born in 1872, Sri Aurobindo was an influential leader in the Indian movement for independence from British rule. He then became a spiritual reformer with the central vision of liberating humankind into experiencing a divine life on earth.
Starring four ethereal vocalists and an accomplished pianist, The Aurobindo Project evokes a spiritual experience through song. Enveloped in images of the natural beachside beauty of Stanwell Park and the ocean horizon, audiences will escape the everyday for a meditative journey.
Choose from either floor or chair seating for a tranquil and intimate journey that’ll fill you with positive aspirations for the future. Recommended for ages 12+.
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