Monday, August 01, 2011

Peter Heehs is without appropriate legal permits

Peter Heehs has never been in charge of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives as you wrongly claim, and has multiple cases pending against him in various courts for impersonating as the "founder of the Ashram Archives" when in fact he was only one of 40 proof-readers/ researchers there. …
For the record, Mr. Peter Heehs is currently in India without appropriate legal permits. - Prof Kamal Das (Date: Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 1:04 PM Subject: RAMACHANDRA GUHA: RIGHT SPIRIT - WRONG FACTS!)

This is also where the Matri Mandir – an intriguing meditation complex made by the Mother and Aurobindo is located. My first view of this center was a sense of lot of ‘disjoint’ communities working together. It probably felt disjoint because the different building complexes are some distance from each other, and surrounded by the forest. …
The Aurobindo ashram in Pondicherry is surprisingly distinct from this settlement, considering that Auroville was Aurobindo’s movement as much as the ashram was! In fact a few questions can uncover some hostilities towards the other establishment. For a visitor however these things may not matter much but for anyone planning to involve themselves further in the movement these signs could point towards deeper problems.

Radical realists Times of India Baskaran Pillai | Jul 25, 2011
The physical immortality of the body is a key concept among the Siddhas. According to them, enlightenment is simply not psychological. Liberation is not just psychological liberation from thought forms. Nirvana, according to Swami Ramalingam who turned his body into light in 1874, is a stage in the evolutionary process. He maintained that one should attain evolution of body, mind, and soul. You cannot simply evolve your psychology or your soul, and say that it is everything. Sri Aurobindo, although he was not a Siddha, upheld the Siddha ideal that unless the body is turned into light, the evolution of the human is not complete. Aurobindo admitted not reaching that stage, but praised Swami Ramalingam and the Siddhas for holding the highest ideal of enlightenment.   

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  1. Hello, interesting society around Savitri. I read the book or at least part of it when I was younger. :)