Friday, July 15, 2011

Guru's action is fluid

We hope that all the Savitri drafts, particularly in Sri Aurobindo’s hand, are absolutely safe. We also hope that there is no tampering done with them. ~ RYD

Comment posted by: Sandeep Re: Integral Leadership by Anurag Banerjee
The answer would be that the Coaching Style was followed by Sri Aurobindo while the Mother followed the Authoritative Style.

Any attempt to situate a Guru in some matrix of leadership styles, based on their external behaviour, is fraught with error… Rich Carlson commits this same error time and again.
The Guru's action is fluid.  He or she guides more from within than without, subliminally sensing the needs of every disciple and sending out waves of influence that resolve subconscious blocks.  The external organization of the Ashram, or Auroville for that matter, is based on whatever Sankalpa comes through during spontaneous visions.

Note the following words—“presumably”, “does not seem”, “seems to have”, “may have”, “would have”. Is this history or guesswork?

There may still be those left in some doubt as to the stupidity, the arrogance and the naked disloyalty that is at the heart of this enterprise. 

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