Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Concentric layers of consciousness make up the Universe

I don't know what to make of Satprem's remarks.  Did he say this out of spiritual insight or was it just speculation?  Sri Aurobindo and the Mother repeatedly said that the future is a play of Forces - that everything is not completed worked out.   As you (i.e. Anon) may have read in their works, there are concentric layers of consciousness from the gross to the subtle which make up the Universe.   It is only when an event is fixed in the subtle-physical that one can say with certitude that it will manifest in a certain fashion.   Everything in the worlds above is subject to modification.
For instance, both Sri Aurobindo and the Mother had seen India's freedom in their visions around 1910 but they did not know until much later that there would also be a partition.
Dear Friends, It gives me immense bliss to announce to you all that Overman Foundation has received two precious gifts from two senior sadhikas of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. And the gifts are a sari with a blouse worn by the Mother and a piece of cloth belonging to Sri Aurobindo.
These rare gifts will adorn the shrine of Overman Foundation and be brought out for public darshan on special occasions.
With warm regards, Anurag Banerjee
Chairman, Overman Foundation.
A critique of the book "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" by Peter Heehs ... By General Editor
[The following notice was put up on the Sri Aurobindo Ashram's notice board on 23.9.2010 afternoon and then removed the same evening. It was put up again on the 24th afternoon and again removed on the 27th afternoon. Since this notice has significant bearing on the recent controversies surrounding the book, we hope that its circulation in public will help to clarify things and lead to better understanding among all. -- Editorial Team]
Certificate in Contemporary Indian Society and Polity (C-CISP)
Sri Aurobindo Darshan: The University of Tomorrow. ... will be closely examined in the light of Sri Aurobindo's writings on Indian culture and society. ...
The Hindu: Engagements: In Chennai Sri Aurobindo Society: Meeting, 5, Smith Rd., Anna Salai, 10-30 a.m..
The Hindu : NATIONAL - TAMIL NADU : Coimbatore Sri Aurobindo Devotees: pushpanjali offerings and prayers, Sasi Balika Mandir, R.S. Puram, 9.30 a.m.; Sri Annai Meditation Centre, Kovaipudur, 4 p.m.
Tusar N Mohapatra has left a new comment on your post "Das Gupta is a captive of Heehs camp":
Manoj Das Gupta is the latest to join the anti-book bandwagon, and you may address your request to him for an authorized explanation. [TNM] Posted to Savitri Era at 12:54 PM, September 27, 2010
Govind has left a new comment on your post "Integral Yoga is an irreversible call that make yo...": 
The most beautiful post I have read so far on this forum, and perhaps the only one that is truly worth reading. Posted by Govind to Savitri Era Open Forum at 6:29 PM, September 29, 2010
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You have revealed the ugly force behind the book in your revelatory, and by far the best critique that there exists. True, eloquent and masterful are both your comments. Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era at 12:37 PM, September 21, 2010

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