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Hour of God & Mind of Light

Volume 9
Writings in Bengali and Sanskrit (TO BE PUBLISHED)
All writings in Bengali and Sanskrit.
Most of the pieces in Bengali were written by Sri Aurobindo in 1909 and 1910 for Dharma, a Calcutta weekly he edited at that time; the material consists chiefly of brief political, social and cultural works. His reminiscences of detention in Alipore Jail for one year ("Tales of Prison Life") are also included. There is also some correspondence with Bengali disciples living in his ashram. The Sanskrit works deal largely with philosophical and cultural themes. (This volume will be available both in the original languages and in a separate volume of English transla tions.)
Volumes 10-11
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The Record of Yoga — I–II
Sri Aurobindo's diary of his yogic practice between 1909 and 1927.
This two-volume record of sadhana contains fairly regular entries between 1912 and 1920 and a few entries in 1909, 1911 and 1927. It also contains related materials Sri Aurobindo wrote about his practice of yoga during this period, including descriptions of the seven "chatusthayas" (groups of four elements), which are the basis of the yoga of the Record.
Volume 12
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Essays Divine and Human
Short prose pieces written between 1910 and 1950, but not pub lished during Sri Aurobindo’s lifetime.
The material is arranged in four parts: (1) "Essays Divine and Human", complete essays on yoga and related subjects, (2) "From Man to Superman: Notes and Fragments on Philosophy, Psychology and Yoga"; (3) "Notes and Fragments on Various Subjects", and (4) Thoughts and Aphorisms. (Some of this material was formally published under the title The Hour of God and Other Writings)
Volume 13
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Essays in Philosophy and Yoga
Short works in prose written between 1909 and 1950 and published during Sri Aurobindo's lifetime.
Most of these short works are concerned with aspects of spiritual philosopy, yoga, and related subjects. The material includes: (1) essays from the Karmayogin, (2) The Yoga and Its Objects, (3) writings from theArya, such as On Ideals and Progress, The Superman, Evolution, Thoughts and Glimpses, The Problem of Re birth, and (4) The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth. (Most of these works were formerly published together under the title The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth and Other Writings.)

Volume 26
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The Future Poetry with On Quantitative Metre
Sri Aurobindo's principal work of literary criticism.
In this work, Sri Aurobindo outlines the history of English poetry and explores the possibility of a spiritual poetry in the future. It was first published in a series of essays between 1917 and 1920; parts were later revised for publication as a book.

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