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Sri Aurobindo's transparent body!

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Nirodbaran's "One Blunder" and "One Wonder"
Dear All,

This story was narrated to me by Shrimati Bani Mutsuddi, the niece of Nirodbaran. Nirodbaran, as we know, was instrumental in bridging up the gap that had emerged between Auroville and Sri Aurobindo Ashram and from 1994, he used to go to Auroville where his talks with the Aurovilians were arranged. One day, he was asked by a gentleman named Nirmal, who is close to Esha-di (Dilip Kumar Roy's niece), whether there were any incidents related to Sri Aurobindo which he did not include in his books.

On his request, Nirodbaran had narrated six real-life stories which he termed as "Three Wonders" and "Three Blunders". But unfortunately, Bani-di could recall only one 'Blunder" and one "Wonder" so we have to be satisfied with only these two titbits of the Lord.

  • One day, Sri Aurobindo was caressing Nirodbaran's head. While the Guru was giving the disciple such a divine privilege, Nirodbaran exclaimed: "Only this much!" And what happened next? Sri Aurobindo withdrew his hand. "Gone with the wind", Bani-di had remarked. This was Nirodbaran's "One Blunder."
  • Now let's come to the story of "One Wonder". Once in the early 1940s when Nirodbaran was in Sri Aurobindo's room, Sri Aurobindo rose up and proceeded towards the book-shelf. While he was walking Nirodbaran saw, to his utter astonishment, that Sri Aurobindo was completely transparent. The book-shelf could be seen through Sri Aurobindo's transparent body! Sri Aurobindo had gifted his loyal servitor a rare sight and privilege. This was Nirodbaran's "One Wonder."

With love and regards to all, Anurag Banerjee

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