Sunday, May 10, 2009

Documentary on Auroville as conceived of by Ms Francis B. Rothluebber

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New Momentum on Auroville

On June 27th 2009, during a conference on the concepts of human unity to be held in California USA, an hour long documentary on Auroville as conceived of by Ms Francis B. Rothluebber, will be shown to the world. Several Aurovilians will be key speakers of the event. For a small trailer of the documentary, click here, for the invitation, click here.

Awareness into action the power of living and working as one
New Momentum invites you to join us for ‘awareness into action', a day exploring the concepts of human unity. discovering new ways of thinking about collaboration and leadership. learning the keys to sustainable, positive change from the worlds of commerce, community, arts, science and spirituality.

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