Friday, January 02, 2009

Vocal~Shubhra Guha; Poetry Reading~Joy Goswami

Fri Jan 2 Aspiration 2009 6:30pm Vocal~Shubhra Guha; Poetry Reading~Joy Goswami Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, Kolkata > Telegraph - Calcutta, India > January 2 at Sri Aurobindo Institute, 3 Regent Park; 6.30 pm: Vocal recital by Shubhra Guha and poetry-reading by Joy Goswami. Being presented as part of Aspiration 2009, Sri Aurobindo Institute’s annual cultural celebrations.

Friday, 02 Jan Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Camp ::: College Guest House, Centre Field, Auroville ::: Fri ::: 9:00 AM
Two-day Bamboo Basketry Workshop ::: Lively Boutique ::: Fri ::: 9:00 AM
C I N E M A ::: Auditorium, Bharat Nivas ::: Fri ::: 7:45 PM

Devotees throng Manakula Vinayakar in Pondy Chennai Online - Chennai, India > People from across the country also thronged the premises of Sri Aurobindo Ashram today to pay homage at the samadhis of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother inside ...

Auroville..a Place for Peace & Tranquility on Earth..
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Auroville..a place of Peace on Earth…… Date : 28th Feb 1968.. The Mother inaugurat... Expand > Kala BN Rajah Iyer I go to the samadhi frequently but never had time to spend at Matri mandir.Nothing is impossible so I will visit one day. Nice photos.
RAJAH IYER posted swarajyasuch an opportunity never comes twice in one's life.what a place to have a dedicated environment to help the young kids of these villages.I cd understand what your are missing.tks for your comments.
swarajya My father had a great desire to settle in Pondicherry. In 1960s he saw the advertisement of Auiroville in News Paper.He wrote a letter to Ashram expressing his desire to have a house in Auroville. He was called by mother for an interview. Mother asked my father to send a family photograph.I remember how my father arranged a photographer to take a group photograph of our family.With the blessings of the mother allotment was made and my father was asked to send the first instalment of Rs 5000/-.As he was employed in Tisco Jamshedpur ,being a metallurgist , he wanted to serve the Ashram after his retirement.But somehow his dream could not materialize because he felt that his stay in Pondicherry may not be useful to other members of the family.We still regret our decision.Thanks for a nice article on Auroville.I have visited twice.

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