Monday, November 03, 2008

Someone broods there nameless and bodiless

November 3, 2008: Anniversary Celebrations of Sri Aurobindo Study Circle at the residence of Pabitra Kumar Dash, Dadha, Baranga, Odisha Events Calendar

Monday, 03 Nov Introduction to sustainable food growing in Auroville ::: Buddha Garden Community Farm ::: Mon ::: 10:00 AM

Chanting the Rainbow! with Jivan and friends ::: Verite Hall ::: Mon ::: 7:00 PM

The Artist’s Way Indian Express - ‎ The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, who needs no introduction, has written a seminal work on the spiritual significance of flowers.

Remembering Satprem
31 Oct 2008 by Barindranath Chaki He dedicated his life and existence for the Future of the mankind, for the mankind of the Future, having followed the steps of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, on the Way towards Supermanhood from the present state of the mankind, ...

The Upanishads
2 Nov 2008 by V. Subramanian Essay of intoduction to the Upanishads, by Sri Aurobindo The Upanishads are the supreme work of the Indian mind, and that It should be so, that the highest self-expression of its genius, Its sublimest poetry, its greatest creation of ...

2012 & the Emergence of Divine Light
2 Nov 2008 by Gaia Star Sri Aurobindo, a highly evolved mystic and Indian freedom fighter, envisioned more than a hundred years ago the total metamorphosis of the human species in the very near future, preceded by the signs of apparent chaos that we are seeing ...

Ocean Oneness
1 Nov 2008 by 奋翻 One in a mighty and single vastness. Someone broods there nameless and bodiless, Conscious and lonely, deathless and infinite, And, sole in a still eternal rapture, Gathers all things to his heart for ever. --Sri Aurobindo ...

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