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Bhadrak District Sri Aurobindo Women's Study Circle Conference, Odisha

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Thanks, Rich. Very timely. Hopefully it will restore some semblance of sanity. I am reminded of a note written by the Mother and, by her own account, inspired by the New Consciousness of 1969:
Why do men want to worship? It is much better to become than to worship!
(Mother's Agenda, April 30, 1969)

As one who wants to become, I read Sri Aurobindo's books when I want to learn about the inner Sri Aurobindo, and I read Peter's refreshingly level-headed biography when I want to learn about the outer Sri Aurobindo. I don't mean this in a mutually exclusive sense. The outer Sri Aurobindo is an integral part of the inner. The hagiographies, which tell us more about their authors than about Sri Aurobindo, are for those who are content to worship — and to worship a figment of their imagination at that. No wonder they get upset if this clashes with reality.

Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore 28th September 2008 Sunday 6.00 pm Savitri - Talk by K.S. Rajah

September 28, 2008: Sri Aurobindo Women's Study Circle Conference, Bhadrak District, Odisha

September 28, 2008: Spirtual Workshop at Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre (SAIEC), Shahid Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha - 10 AM to 12 Noon

September 27 - 28, 2008: Sri Aurobindo Study Circle Conference, Dhenkanal District, Odisha

September 28, 2008: Anniversary Celebrations of Sri Aurobindo Jyotirmayi Study Circle, Ostapal, Dhenkanal, Odisha Events Calendar

Sri Aurobindo Society: Meeting, 5, Smith Rd., Anna Salai, 10 a.m.
Sri Aurobindo Society Centre: Meeting, AP-514, J Block, 8th St., Anna Nagar, 6 p.m. The Hindu: Engagements: In Chennai Today Sunday, Sep 28, 2008

Sunday, 28 Sep Exhibition: The Mother’s Shrine Reaching Completion ::: Pitanga (extended till 30 September) ::: Sun ::: 8:00 PM

The Statesman ... Ramakrishna, Sri Aurobindo and so on. All these religious thinkers were endowed with perception of transcendentalism incomprehensible to ordinary men.

Weaknesses of the Hindu heart and mind Indian Express - New Delhi, India. Those Hindus who are sincerely striving to strengthen Hindu-Muslim amity would do well to study the thoughts of Sri Aurobindo. There is a prescient passage... The truth of the yogi’s thoughts speaks to us with undiminished ...

The Golden dome in Matri Mandir By amrit. This was a sunday morning in Marti Mandir. The sky and the golden globe was in a pleasing contrast when I took this photo with a polarizing filter to darken the hue of the sky. Those who are not familiar with Auroville and the concept ...

Sprucing Up The New Office By Kiruba Shankar. Paper Lamps: I've seen some awesome paper lamps at Auroville. Some of them are huge round ones and the others are taller than me. Should get a few of those. Get those big paper lights and those long standing ones I found in Auroville ...

The Greening of Auroville By Rohit Dabrai. When Australianborn Joss Brooks visited Auroville way back in 1969, there was nothing but a few scattered palm trees in the vast acres of wasteland. A year after the young law and philosophy graduate decided to be a part of an ongoing ...

Satprem's Pyramid By Draconian. Rain my trip to auroville can never be complete without a visit to this temple. Its a beautiful little structure in Compressed Stabilised Earth Bricks manufactured by the Auroville Earth Institute. Its a two year old structure.

India-France relations set to move into high gear (Special) ... - Bangkok, Thailand. busy schedule will allow him to bring Carla Bruni to the Taj Mahal in 2009. But in any case, India-France relations are set to improve. (Claude Arpi is a commentator on current affairs. He can be contacted at )

Aurobindo, the father of Dialectical Integralism According to Dialectical Integralism of Aurobindo, the whole process of creation takes place between two involutions, Matter in which everything is involved and everything evolves to the other pole of Spirit, Spirit in which everything ...

1 Million Person Arcology Type Ecocity Planned for Dubai By basac. Arcosanti is designed or envisioned to be a prototype for that larger scale vision of Arcology but is currently more like an ecovillage, similar in some respects to Auroville in southern India. We at oneVillage Foundation have ...

New York Yankees etc.: Mussina and Giambi It requires a warmer climate though (30-35 degrees C), so it isn’t able to be grown globally. - address for general information - an article written about the

Brief Introduction to Mukesh Mukesh (b.21st September 1957) is a Postgraduate in Sanskrit and Philosophy and has worked as Private Secretary to the Chairman, Auroville Foundation, Auroville and also with Chairman of Indian Council of Philosophical Research, ...

How Lord Krishna managed the great war and restored peace
Sri Aurobindo "The idea that man is like unto an inverted tree seems to have been current in by gone ages. The link with Vedic conceptions is provided by ...

On the Limits of Naturalism 25 Sep 2008 According to Sri Aurobindo, it is “a middle term of the evolution, not its end, crown or consummating masterpiece.” Our species “cannot be the end and highest height of the mysterious upward surge of Nature.... A godhead is imprisoned ... The Scientific and Medical Network Blog

Which is the best place to see in pondicherry?
by Paco 2. Sri Aurobindo ashram 3. Beach 4. Auroville beach

A man by (raodk45) He has need of death to find a greater life. His life is a blind-man’s bluff, a hide-and-seek; He seeks himself and from himself he runs; Meeting himself, he thinks it other than he. ~ Sri Aurobindo.

Twin Soul by Vincent 'The highest state of human love is ... the unity of one soul in two bodies' Sri Aurobindo It's a fascinating thought, that somewhere on earth of in the spheres somebody lives, who is your twin soul. Somebody who makes up one soul ...

Personal Journeys In India, Lessons on Yoga and on Life - New York ... Lessons on Yoga and on Life New York Times, United States - My wife and I have come to Pondicherry in southeast India mostly for the yoga. The classes used to be held in one of the many parcels of the Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo on the Tantra Sri Aurobindo on the Tantra TANTRIC YOGA A BOLD SYSTEM PURANO-TANTRIC RELIGION SPIRITUAL CONTENT SCIENCE OF ... the general tendency of Prakriti, Tantric Yoga largely lost its principle in its ...

ELECTRONIC MEDIA NOT COVERED BY PRESS COUNCIL 26 Sep 2008 The "TV 18 Network" of CNN-IBN, on their own decided to tell the people at large about the on-going happenings of Sri Aurobindo Ashram to ensure corrective measures are carried out to uphold the dignity of ashram.

INTERDEPENDENCE BETWEEN THOUGHT AND REALITY THAT DEFIES THE ... 26 Sep 2008 by Rachael Rocamora [and this reminds me of the event that so altered Sri Aurobindo’s life, when his brother lay extremely ill in his home in India, and the ash-covered sadhu came to the door, probably begging for food, as was the custom.

Liberal or a bigot 26 Sep 2008 by chandrabhan. It is no less than a wonder in human history that Hindu society and culture not only survived the storm, but also produced a counter attack under Maharshi Dayananda, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo and Mahatma Gandhi such as earned for ...

National Symbols 26 Sep 2008 by amit. The English translation of the stanza rendered by Sri Aurobindo in prose1 is : I bow to thee, Mother, richly-watered, richly-fruited, cool with the winds of the south, dark with the crops of the harvests, The Mother!

Re: the origin of the name Allah 25 Sep 2008 by Wormhole Charley ... the wriggling motion without the snake, or of the snake without its wriggling motion. These are two aspects of Reality: Purusha and Prakriti. He who is the Purusha is also Prakriti. Both are the embodiment of Bliss." -- Sri Aurobindo.

ON FAITH 25 Sep 2008 by kirtimukha ~Sri Aurobindo No one can call upon God without knowing Him. St.Augustine wonders: "May it be that a man must implore You before he can know You?" The only things to count on are longing and the occult directives of desire.

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