Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Those in this world are unfortunate who have not had the touch of Sri Aurobindo’s mind

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Dear Tusar Babu,
I always hold interest about your blogs. One of the favourite books of yours is "Secret of the Veda". Recently I posted an article on this book of Sri Aurobindo. I'll be happy and honoured if you read the article. BABUL"S WORLD http://anantaprema.blogspot.com Email: kripatirtha97@yahoo.com Regards. Debabrata

from Debabrata Ghosh to tusarnmohapatra@gmail.com date15 May 2008 21:29 subject [Savitri Era] Debabrata Ghosh has left a new comment on your post "Orissa has the numbers, but lacks clout":

Orissa has a future. It has just begun to that future just as West Bengal is being degenerated on the contrary. Have you not noticed that the number of Oriya devotees are fast increasing in Sri Aurobindo Ashram?
A great past contains the seed of a great future. Regards.

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  1. Tushar Babu,

    I'll be glad if you kindly tell me if my article based on Secrets of the Veda needs edited/corrected.
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