Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Waking and sleep are opportunities

Only when thou hast climbed above thy mind
And liv'st in the calm vastness of the One
Can love be eternal in the eternal Bliss
And love divine replace the human tie.
There is a shrouded law, an austere force:
It bids thee strengthen thy undying spirit;
It offers its severe benignancies
Of work and thought and measured grave delight
As steps to climb to God's far secret heights.
Then is our life a tranquil pilgrimage,
Each year a mile upon the heavenly Way,
Each dawn opens into a larger Light.
Thy acts are thy helpers, all events are signs,
Waking and sleep are opportunities
Given to thee by an immortal Power.

Book VI: The Book of Fate Canto I: The Word of Fate
Page 435
Complete Text With Author's Note On The Poem Sri Aurobindo's Letters On Savitri The Mother On Savitri

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