Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm moving towards a more purist and intense Aurobindonian position

Busy writing Posted on Nov 12th, 2007 by M. Alan
I find I'm moving towards a more purist and intense Aurobindonian position; Wilberian Integralism is much too exoteric and non-spiritual and not many of the people involved would be receptive to radical esoteric, occult, and yogic ideas.
i'm not saying that's bad, not at all; there's absolutely a place for all that; and many are inspired by AQAL and Spiral Dynamics to work for a better world. It's just that I myself am more interested in true esotericism. So I'm much less interested now in attempting any sort of “compromise” position between Wilberian and Aurobindonian.
The Aurobindonian tradition (Integral Yoga and Integral philosophy) really is unparalleled in its insights, inclusiveness, and confronting understanding of spirituality and what is required for the Divinisation of the world. Access: Public Add Comment Print Send views (16) Tagged with: writing, book, essay, Integral Metaphysics and Transformation, Metaphysics, exoteric, esoteric, Wilberian, Aurobindonian, integralism

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