Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why Sri Aurobindo remains so unknown in the world

One often wonders about why Sri Aurobindo remains so unknown in the world. Even in India those who have heard of him only know him as a yogi and when people speak of the Freedom Movement he is rarely mentioned. Outside Pondicherry and Kolkata if you mention his name to anyone who was alive before the independence of India you will get a response that sounds like “Yes, but he left the scene, he abandoned the cause…” The idea of holding an exhibition on Sri Aurobindo in London was born from this desire to acquaint the world with the true role he played in Indian history.
The Nehru Centre, which is the cultural wing of the Indian High Commission, accepted the proposal and work started in right earnest when the Golden Chain Fraternity Trustees agreed to financially support the project. Although it seemed like a fairly simple job at first it turned out eventually to be quite a complicated affair. One thing however was perfect - the timing. We had the week of the August Darshan which was also the week of the Independence Day. It suited everyone fine; those connected with the Ashram were happy and so were those connected with the Indian High Commission. Sunayana Panda’s blog This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 16th, 2007 at 12:46 pm and is filed under London, Photography, Sri Aurobindo. Matri Karuna Vidyalaya

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