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Sri Aurobindo was the East Indian predecessor to Malcolm X

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I was born on the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, South Eastern Coastal “French” India, to a Malaysian mother and French Father who were helping to develop the then still new international eco-community (
Sri Aurobindo was the East Indian freedom fighter, with initial liberation ideals much like the American Malcolm X. He was the predecessor to Mahatma Gandhi who later influenced Dr. Martin Luther King. He achieved “Supra Mental Consciousness” through his own Supramental yogic practices in the 1950's.
He died before I was born, but I hold some of his vibrational energy in my being. He was a master teacher who achieved higher consciousness before leaving this realm. I was named after him by his spiritual partner, The Mother, and I will walk with a purpose to increase awareness around me as part of his legacy. I grew up and was educated in the US from the age of 8 on. My family had travelled Asia extensiveley before moving to the US.
Now as an adult, I hold a masters degree in Transpersonal Counseling and Psychology from the Buddhist based Naropa University (1998, Boulder, Co). I am also a certified master level hypnotherapist (2006, Hypnosis Motivational Institute in Tarzana, CA). Previously, I spent almost 10 years working with and counseling: at risk children, emotionally disturbed teens, and adults in substance abuse recovery (and often sufferring from mental illness), as well as the elderly in hospice.
I have worked with people of all ages and various cultures, and focused my graduate thesis on Raising the Self-esteem of American Indian Men in Substance Abuse Recovery (1998). I currently have a private hypnosis practice in Mar Vista at the Oasis Healing Center ( ). I am also honored to be mentoring young therapists who work with autistic children for the L.A. Unified School district.
In my spare time I love to develop myself, have fun, develop my work and have fun at that. You can also visit my website at: or watch my online debut at: . I was a guest on the lighthearted online streaming show Green Health Live on Its hilarious. So please check it out!
Through hypnosis I help people rid themselves of insecurities and past traumas (including child abuse, sexual abuse, unresolved grief, and unresolved relationships) with a 100% success rate. I aid my clients in achieving their own healthy relationships, as well as financial and other personal, career and health goals. I treat veterans to a free hypnotherapy session. Please refer veterans to me for an appointment. I will clear out their Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (310) 382-6313.
I have been on a journey since I was 22 years old (16 years!), to experience and understand ancient supernatural healing arts. It is my own goal to create easy to use products that will raise the self-esteem of individuals on an international level. I am looking for investors and people who can help me to produce this concept into a long-term achievement. I welcome people who are intersted in meeting with me to contact me directly, Aura Walker (310) 382-6313 or

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