Sunday, March 05, 2006

It was easy to lose all sense of time

During my brief stay in Pondicherry, I often stood at the restaurant windows or sat on my balcony watching the waves come in and go out again. It was easy to lose all sense of time, and strangely enough time as we know it seemed so meaningless. Watching the sea, your mind is emptied of every petty thought and worry. This is the perfect place to read, and think, and write. I never tired of the sound of the sea, which filled my room, its muted roar as the waters crashed against the rocks a living presence forming the backdrop of my days.

I never tired of looking at the garden and the sea, watching the waves come in sometimes slowly, gently touching the rocks, sometimes falling upon the boulders restlessly, with a too-great intimacy. My first evening there, I forgot all about my order as I stood at the restaurant window. The waiter had to call me to let me know my tea had been served. I sipped my tea slowly, looking out at the sea, enjoying the breeze, and sometimes looking out on to the garden from the window on the wall opposite. Wednesday, March 01, 2006 posted by Nupur Sen @ 4:04 AM Bangalore, Karnataka

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