Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I must see God face to face

August 30, 1905
In a historic letter to his wife, Sri Aurobindo spoke about his inner life. He was, he said, possessed of three madnesses:
  • Firstly, it is my firm faith that whatever virtue, talent, education, knowledge and wealth God has given to me, belongs to him.
  • Secondly, I must see God face to face.
  • Thirdly, whereas others regard the country as an inert mass and know it in terms of plains, fields, forests, mountains and rivers, I look upon my country as the mother; I worship and adore her as the mother.

I have the power to redeem this fallen race... the fire-power of the Brahmin which is founded in knowledge... I was born with it... It is to accomplish this great mission that God sent me to the earth.

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